Rewards Card


How to enroll in the RAD Group Program Rewards Program

Enroll in any RAD Group Restaurant or online.

New members receive a permanent RAD Group Rewards card.

Only one card/account is permitted per person. Members in the same household may have two names on the same card. The more frequent diner carries the card while the other can have points applied by providing phone number.

Earning Points

Earn one point for every dollar you spend on food and beverage at any RAD Group Restaurant (excluding tax and gratuity or member referrals).

Earn one point for every dollar you spend on the purchase of RAD Group/gift cards (excluding their redemption).

Earn one point for every dollar you spend on RAD Group Catering food and beverage.

Members are entitled to earn points only for the portion of any guest check they pay (i.e., members do not earn points when a non-member they dine with pays the check).

In the event of a split check or multiple members dining together, points will only be earned for each individual member’s portion of the check.

Points are issued on the non-discounted portion of the check.

Lost cards can be replaced by going to RAD Group

Rewards and point values are subject to change.

RAD Group Rewards

Redeem your points online or in person at any of our restaurants.

The number of points must be sufficient to “purchase” the reward (no other form of payment is accepted).

Members are responsible for gratuity on any RAD Group Rewards Dining.

RAD Group Special Events & Opportunities
Rewards Members will be eligible for exciting events and experiences curated by RAD.

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